🍂 Welcome to October’s Euphoric Brew Journey! 🍂

🍂 Welcome to October’s Euphoric Brew Journey! 🍂

Dear Craft Beer aficionados,

As the golden leaves of October flutter to the ground and the air is scented with the rich promise of Autumn, we are thrilled to present to you a handpicked selection of beers, a tapestry of flavours as diverse and vibrant as autumn itself! From sun-drenched tropical sours to cozy, velveteen stouts, each brew is a harmonious symphony, a crafted blend of tradition and innovation designed to tantalize your palate.

October’s beer list is a loving serenade to the season, featuring concoctions like the chocolate amaretto stout from Blue Monkey, a loving embrace of malty complexity, and the New Bristol Brewery’s ruby ale, a cozy waltz of winter warmth and sherry notes. Each brew is a unique journey, a crafted narrative of flavours waiting to dance and sing in your glass.

So, whether you are a connoisseur of the classics or an adventurer of the avant-garde, whether you prefer the sweet ballet of fruity tones or the rich ballad of creamy stouts, there’s a brew here, wrapped in autumn’s golden embrace, waiting to whisper its story to you.

Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, watch as the leaves perform their final, fiery dance, and let each sip be a celebration, a welcoming embrace to the rich, comforting flavours of October.

Cheers to a month of flavorful exploration and cozy indulgences! 🍻

Warm Wishes,

Jamie, Founder

Dark Revolution ~ Addicted to Haze Hazy IPA 6.5%

This Hazy IPA is crafted with a combination of hot side Simcoe hops and cold side Citra and Nelson hops. Simcoe hops are known for their earthy and piney characteristics, which complement the tropical and citrusy flavours of Citra and the white wine-like aromas of Nelson hops. As a result, this beer offers a pale, citrusy, and dry profile with distinct notes of grapefruit, pine, and subtle white wine undertones. The blend of these hops creates a complex and harmonious flavour experience.

Pairing Suggestion: The bright citrus and pine notes make it a fantastic match for spicy Mexican cuisine, such as tacos with grilled shrimp and fresh salsa.

Dark Revolution ~ Mines A Malcom Hazy Pale Ale 4.3%

This Hazy Pale Ale incorporates Motueka Cryo hops on the hot side and Citra and Nectaron hops on the cold side. Motueka Cryo hops contribute a unique lime zest and tropical fruit character, while Citra hops bring their signature citrus and tropical fruit notes. Nectaron hops add a further layer of complexity with stone fruit aromas. The result is a pale ale with a vibrant blend of lime, pineapple, and hints of stone fruit, creating a refreshing and fruit-forward drinking experience.

Pairing Suggestion: Try it alongside grilled chicken skewers marinated in lime and herbs for a refreshing pairing.

North Brewing ~ Heliocentric NEIPA 6.4%

This New England IPA (NEIPA) boasts a rich blend of extra pale malt, flaked oats, wheat, naked oats, and chit to create a smooth backbone. HBC 586, an experimental hop variety, and Cryo Pop™ contribute to a sweet tropical base with aromas of stone fruit, juicy pineapple, and herbal woody notes. Idaho 7 and Citra hops round out the tropical flavours with a zesty kick. The beer finishes with a refreshing dryness, accentuating the bold tropical notes.

Pairing Suggestion: Pair with spicy Thai curry to complement the tropical hop character with vibrant flavours.

Siren Craft Brew ~ Mesmerist Soft Pale Ale 3.4%

Mesmerist Soft Pale Ale combines Citra, Eclipse, and Mosaic hops to create a punchy hop aroma and a delicious depth of flavour. Citra hops provide citrus and tropical fruit notes, while Eclipse hops contribute a touch of floral complexity. Mosaic hops bring their signature berry and stone fruit flavours. The result is a soft and structured pale ale with a captivating hop profile.

Pairing Suggestion: Enjoy it with a classic burger and fries for a satisfying contrast between the beer's hoppy notes and savoury burger goodness.

New Bristol Brewery ~ Wings NE Pale Ale 5.0%

This NE Pale Ale showcases a delicious and juicy fruit-forward character. It's hazy with low bitterness, making it exceptionally approachable. The combination of Citra, Idaho 7, and Strata hops infuses the beer with juicy and soft flavours, including tropical fruits and citrus notes. The result is a refreshing and vibrant pale ale.

Pairing Suggestion: Pair it with a citrusy ceviche for a delightful contrast of zesty flavours.

71 Brewing ~ Hazy Halo Hazy IPA 5.0%

Bask in the radiant glow of Hazy Halo, a notably hazy IPA that’s a celestial celebration of vivid, tropical fruit aromas, enshrouded in a glorious 5.0% embrace. This brew invites you to a lush, spirited journey through a rich and velvety mouthfeel, balancing vivacious fruitiness with a sublime, bitter finale. Revel in an experience where each sip is an ethereal blend of intoxicating tropical notes, providing not just a drink, but a spirited, flavourful escapade.

Pairing Suggestion: Elevate your indulgence by pairing it with spicy buffalo cauliflower bites, where the fiery kick harmoniously interplays with the lush tropicality and subtle bitterness of this hazy concoction, offering a heavenly, flavourful respite.

Blue Monkey ~ Mosaic Session Pale 4.3%

Blue Monkey's Session Pale Ale is a vegan-friendly beer brewed with an abundance of oats for a smooth and full-bodied texture. The standout hop in this beer is Mosaic, which imparts soft tropical stone fruit flavours such as passionfruit, mango, and grapefruit. It's an unfiltered and unfined pale ale.

Pairing Suggestion: Pair it with a Mediterranean-style grilled vegetable platter for a harmonious blend of flavours.

Phantom Brew ~ Ball Pit NEIPA 5.5%

Ball Pit NEIPA is hopped with Citra and Idaho 7, creating a juicy pale ale with a hint of sweetness to complement the oats in the grain bill. Citra hops bring vibrant citrus and tropical fruit notes, while Idaho 7 adds a touch of pine and herbal character. The result is a well-balanced and fruity NEIPA.

Pairing Suggestion: Try it with a spicy pineapple and chicken stir-fry for a delightful sweet-and-spicy combination.

Full Circle ~ Quite Nice Actually Mango & Coconut Sour 5.0%

This brew is a vibrant, sun-drenched escapade, where jubilant mango swirls in a dance with smooth, velvety coconut. The first sip is a lively jig of zestiness, each droplet a mini explosion of tropical tanginess. It’s like a beach holiday encapsulated in a glass, where the symphony of tangy, tropical, and creamy serenades the senses, painting the palate with sunsets and seashores.

Pairing Suggestions: Envision a platter of zesty seafood ceviche or fresh shrimp salads, with citrus hints intertwining with the tropical tones of the beer. Alternatively, a delicate mango mousse or coconut cream pie would create a tropical dance, a symphony of sweet, creamy, and tangy, tantalizing every taste bud.

Brick Brewery ~ Gooseberry & Tayberry Sour 3.4%

This concoction is a ballet of berries in a tart meadow, with the sharp, green notes of gooseberry twirling with sweet, floral tayberry, each sip a lingering pirouette of freshness. It’s like a walk-through berry-laden paths, the tartness tickling the senses, every drop a burst of floral freshness and tart tenderness, alive with zest.

Pairing Suggestions: Imagine a board of creamy camembert or tangy goat cheese, the lush creaminess mingling with the fresh tartness of the beer. A fresh fruit tart or a berry cheesecake could also harmonize beautifully, intertwining with the sour, berry tones in a dance of sweet and tart, a medley of delightful flavours.

North Brewing ~ Sound of Joy Summer Sour 4.5%

This brew is like a tropical whisper in a summer breeze, light and invigorating, a canvas painted with zesty notes and tropical tunes. It's a refreshing sonata, a mingling of light whispers and sharp zings, every sip a quenching symphony, echoing the joys of summer with every tropical note.

Pairing Suggestions: Visualize a dish of grilled sea bass or tangy lime-infused ceviche, the beer’s crisp tartness complementing the delicate, citrusy flavours of the dish. A tangy lemon sorbet or a refreshing citrus salad would enhance the zesty character of the brew, creating a lively, refreshing culinary concerto.

Siren Craft Brew ~ DDH Calypso Double Dry Hopped Sour 4.0%

This brew dances with spirited tropical fruit aromas, sharp and spritzy, every sip a tango of fresh citrus character. The double dry-hopped symphony plays a crisp bitterness, a harmonious blend of vibrant Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops, the palate sparkling with lively, fresh rhythms and vibrant hop tones.

Pairing Suggestions: Picture a spicy Thai green curry or a bold Indian masala, the sharp, citrusy beer harmonizing with the intricate spicy notes, soothing, and highlighting the myriad of flavours within. A citrus-infused cheesecake or a tart lemon bar could balance the vibrant, hoppy character of the beer, creating a harmonious melody of flavours.

New Bristol Brewery ~ Apricot, Peach & Cinder Toffee Crumble Ice-Cream Sour 6.0%

This beer is a summer daydream, with radiant apricot and peach pirouetting beside creamy vanilla and sweet cinder toffee crumble. It’s a sonnet of summer love, the juicy fruits whispering sweet nothings to the creamy, smooth textures, every sip a dance of sweetness and sunshine.

Pairing Suggestions: Envision it with a decadent peach tart or a creamy apricot cheesecake, the beer’s fruity sweetness accentuating the lush, creamy textures of the dessert. A scoop of vanilla ice cream or a cinder toffee pudding would meld beautifully, creating a dance of creamy sweetness and fruity charm.

71 Brewing ~ Fruition: Seasonal Sour Summer Fruit Punch 5.5%

This brew is a hazy tapestry of summer, a tangy medley of strawberry, mandarin, and cucumber waltzing on a stage of mint. It’s a refreshing curtain call, a twist on the classic summer fruit cup, each sip a performance of tangy, refreshing rhythms and summery whispers.

Pairing Suggestions: Pair this with a refreshing strawberry salad or a tangy citrus tart, the tanginess of the brew enhancing the freshness and sweetness of the fruits. A cucumber mint sorbet or a fresh fruit salad would also harmonize beautifully, creating a refreshing, tangy symphony of summer flavours.

Yonder ~ Pink Lemonade Citrus Sour 4.0%

This brew is an adult embrace of childhood joy, a dance of freshly squeezed citrus with sweet undertones of rose water and blackcurrant juice. It’s a sweet and tart ballet, a playful jump between fruit and flower, each sip a frolic of sweetness and acidity.

Pairing Suggestions: Imagine enjoying this with a zesty lemon tart or a sweet citrus sorbet, the playful sweetness and acidity of the beer twirling with the tart, refreshing flavours of the dessert. A citrusy, creamy cheesecake could also waltz beautifully with this brew, creating a joyful dance of tart and sweet, a melody of playful flavours.

Yonder ~ Jammie Biscuit Pastry Sour 4.5%

This brew is a sweet symphony of sticky strawberry, blackcurrant, and raspberry jam layered between buttery, crumbly shortbread. It’s a pastry sonnet, a harmonious blend of sweet and crumbly, a melody of berry sweetness and buttery whispers, a dance of dessert delight.

Pairing Suggestions: Pair this with a rich, creamy cheesecake or a moist, buttery Victoria sponge, allowing the berry sweetness to sing with the creamy, buttery textures of the dessert. A strawberry shortcake or a creamy fruit tart would also harmonize well, creating a dance of sweet, creamy, and fruity, a concerto of dessert decadence.

Dark Revolution ~ Velveteen Chocolate Milk Stout 4.8%

This stout is a velvet dream, a smooth waltz of organic cacao nibs and lactose sugar creating a silky, drinkable indulgence. It’s a rich, creamy ballad, a luxurious blend of chocolate richness and creamy sweetness, a decadent dance of dessert delight.

Pairing Suggestions: Visualize this with a gooey chocolate lava cake or a rich, fudgy brownie, the creamy, chocolatey beer melding with the rich, sweet flavours of the dessert. A chocolate mousse or a creamy chocolate cheesecake would also dance beautifully with this brew, creating a sweet, creamy symphony of chocolate decadence.

North Brewing ~ Full Fathom 5 Coffee + Coconut Porter 6.5%

This porter is a sunken treasure of luxury, a blend of toasted coconut and aromatic coffee beans swirling in a sea of rich, specialty malts. It’s a warm, loving embrace, a silken liquid luxury, each sip a loving kiss of rich flavours and creamy textures.

Pairing Suggestions: Consider serving this with a rich, coffee-flavoured tiramisu or a creamy, coconut cream pie, the luxurious flavours intertwining in a dance of creamy, rich delight. A coffee-infused chocolate cake or a creamy coconut custard would also harmonize beautifully, creating a warm, loving dance of flavours.

New Bristol Brewery ~ Ruby Ruby Extra Ruby Mild 6.5%

This ale is a cozy embrace of winter warmth, a rich tapestry of dark fruits and sherry notes, each sip a warm hug of raisin sweetness and malty love. It’s a nostalgic dance of winter comfort, a harmonious blend of warmth and sweetness, a melody of cozy contentment.

Pairing Suggestions: Imagine this paired with a hearty beef stew or a moist, rich fruitcake, the dark fruits and malty sweetness harmonizing with the hearty, rich flavours of the dish. A plum pudding or a creamy, rich blue cheese would also meld beautifully with this brew, creating a cozy, comforting symphony of flavours.

71 Brewing ~ Heavy Lifting Scottish Heavy 3.9%

This brew is a caramel dream, a rich, award-winning blend of caramel, toffee, molasses, and brown sugar dancing in a classic Scottish heavy. It’s a malty symphony, each sip a smooth waltz of sweet, rich flavours and malty harmonies, a melody of smooth sweetness.

Pairing Suggestions: Pair this with a sticky toffee pudding or a creamy, rich blue cheese, the sweet, caramel notes intertwining with the creamy, rich textures of the dessert. A toffee cheesecake or a rich, buttery shortbread would also harmonize beautifully, creating a dance of creamy sweetness and malty richness.

Blue Monkey ~ Chocolate Amaretto Stout 4.9%

This stout is a loving serenade of malty complexity, a smooth waltz of rich chocolate and sweet Amaretto. It’s a rich, hearty embrace, each sip a dance of sweetness and smoothness, a ballad of chocolatey delight.

Pairing Suggestions: Enjoy this with a creamy tiramisu or a rich, chocolate amaretto cake, the rich, chocolatey beer singing with the creamy, almond flavours of the dessert. A creamy, chocolate mousse or a sweet, almond tart would also dance beautifully with this brew, creating a sweet, rich symphony of dessert delight.

Blue Monkey ~ Cinder Toffee Stout 4.9%

This brew is a caramel symphony, a full-bodied embrace of crunchy toffee aromas and sweet, lingering caramel whispers. It’s a sweet, rich ballad, each sip a dance of sweetness and richness, a melody of caramel delight.

Pairing Suggestions: Pair this with a classic crème Brulé or a creamy toffee cheesecake, the sweet, caramel beer harmonizing with the creamy, rich textures of the dessert. A toffee pudding or a rich, buttery shortbread would also waltz beautifully with this brew, creating a sweet, creamy dance of dessert decadence.

Yonder ~ Biscoff Chocolate Brownie Pastry Stout 7.0%

This brew is a choc brownie fantasy, a rich blend of chocolate sweetness and spiced, crumbly Biscoff biscuit. It’s a decadent dance, each sip a waltz of sweet, rich chocolate and spiced, crumbly textures, a melody of dessert love.

Pairing Suggestions: Serve this with a double chocolate chip cookie or a creamy, vanilla cream puff, the sweet, rich beer melding with the creamy, vanilla flavours of the dessert. A chocolate fudge cake or a creamy, spiced latte would also harmonize beautifully, creating a sweet, creamy symphony of dessert delight.

Phantom Brew ~ Moon Boots Porter 5.5%

This porter is a cozy journey of comfort, a smooth blend of rich malts and traditional East Kent Goldings hops. It’s a malty embrace, each sip a dance of smoothness and richness, a ballad of cozy comfort.

Pairing Suggestions: Consider pairing this with a classic beef and ale pie or a rich, creamy mushroom risotto, the rich, malty beer enhancing the savoury, rich flavours of the dish. A hearty beef stew or a creamy, rich blue cheese would also dance beautifully with this brew, creating a cozy, comforting symphony of flavours.


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