May's Powerhouse Pales: Explore Bold Flavours with Our Strong & Hoppy Beer Selection!

May's Powerhouse Pales: Explore Bold Flavours with Our Strong & Hoppy Beer Selection!

Pentrich ~ I Can Buy A New Pair 8.0% DIPA VG

Pentrich's DIPA exudes a rich tapestry of tropical fruit flavours, with dominant notes of pineapple and mango, complemented by a subtle hint of summer berries. The use of Galaxy, Mosaic, and Nectaron hops imbues this beer with a dynamic and vibrant hop character, making it a standout for its boldness and complexity.

Interesting Fact: Pentrich Brewery is known for its creative use of hops to achieve distinct flavour profiles. This DIPA showcases their expertise, using a trio of hops that deliver an exotic bouquet of aromas and tastes, highlighting their commitment to flavour and innovation.

Food Pairing: The tropical and berry notes of this DIPA make it a perfect match for spicy Thai curries or jerk chicken, where its fruity sweetness can balance the heat. It's also great with rich desserts like cheesecake, providing a fruity counterpoint to the sweetness.

Mad Squirrel ~ Foghorn 7.4% NEIPA VG

"Foghorn" is the crescendo of Mad Squirrel's Fog series, blending London Fog® yeast with Galaxy, Citra, and Strata hops to produce a symphony of peach, citrus, and tropical fruit flavours. Each sip delivers a bold and hop-forward experience that resonates with intensity and complexity.

Interesting Fact: This NEIPA is the culmination of the Fog series, showcasing Mad Squirrel’s exploration of hop and yeast combinations that enhance the juicy and hazy characteristics NEIPAs are celebrated for.

Food Pairing: Ideal with grilled seafood, particularly salmon or scallops, where the beer's fruity notes enhance the natural flavours of the fish. It also pairs well with creamy blue cheeses, where its fruitiness can cut through the richness.

Full Circle x Farm Yard Brew ~ Needs More Dinosaurs 8.1% DIPA VG

In collaboration with Farmyard Brew Co., this DIPA delivers a resinous and piney profile, layered with passionfruit, pineapple, and citrus flavours. Brewed with Nectaron, Galaxy, Columbus, and Idaho 7 hops, it offers a robust hop-forward punch, while the inclusion of three types of oats contributes to a silky smooth mouthfeel.

Interesting Fact: This beer not only highlights the collaboration between two innovative breweries but also emphasizes the use of diverse grains to enhance texture and flavour, demonstrating a meticulous approach to crafting a complex DIPA.

Food Pairing: Pair this robust DIPA with smoked meats or barbecue, where its piney and citrus notes complement the smoky flavours. It's also excellent with spicy Indian dishes, like vindaloo, which echo its bold and punchy character.

Azvex ~ Dyson Sphere 8.4% DIPA

Azvex's Dyson Sphere is an assertive DIPA dry-hopped with Citra, Strata, and Nectaron, delivering a potent combination of hop aromas and flavours. This vegan-friendly beer showcases a harmonious blend of tropical and citrus notes, supported by a substantial malt backbone.

Interesting Fact: The naming of "Dyson Sphere" reflects Azvex's ambition to push the boundaries of brewing technology and ingredient combinations, much like the theoretical cosmic megastructure it's named after.

Food Pairing: This DIPA works beautifully with bold, aromatic cheeses such as sharp cheddar or gorgonzola, which can stand up to its intense flavours. It's also a great companion to spicy wings or Cajun cuisine, where its citrusy hop profile can shine.


Azvex ~ Kardashev Scale 8.4% DIPA

Azvex's Kardashev Scale DIPA features a sophisticated blend of Citra, Strata, and Nelson Sauvin hops, delivering a profile rich with tropical and grape-like flavours underscored by a distinctive dankness. This brew combines innovative hop usage to create a layered and enveloping hop bouquet.

Interesting Fact: The beer’s name, "Kardashev Scale," nods to the Kardashev Scale, a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement based on energy consumption, illustrating the brewery’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of craft beer evolution.

Food Pairing: This DIPA pairs well with fatty fish like salmon or tuna, where its bold hop flavours complement the richness of the fish. It's also excellent with roasted game or lamb, enhancing the meat's earthy flavours.

Cloudwater ~ Fundamental Frequency 8.0% DIPA VG

Fundamental Frequency by Cloudwater is a masterclass in hop integration, using Citra, Talus, and Centennial to forge a DIPA that is both dank and fruit-forward. The resulting beer is a medley of deep fruit flavours with a soft, smooth finish, making it an exceptional sipper.

Interesting Fact: Cloudwater utilizes a mix of established and emerging hop varieties to create a dynamic flavour profile, showcasing their pioneering approach to craft brewing and their commitment to producing complex, memorable beers.

Food Pairing: Pair this DIPA with spicy barbecued ribs or jerk chicken, where its fruitiness can balance the spiciness of the dish. It’s also a good match for strong, aromatic cheeses like Roquefort or Stilton.

Disruption IS Brewing x Bakers Dozen ~ Death By Ill Tempered Sea Bass 8.0% NEDIPA VG

This NEDIPA, a collaboration between Disruption IS Brewing and Baker’s Dozen, mixes Azacca, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops for a juicy, tropical fruit-laden experience. It delivers an intense hop presence with a soft and juicy underpinning, creating a well-rounded and approachable beer.

Interesting Fact: The playful name "Death By Ill Tempered Sea Bass" reflects the adventurous spirit of the collaboration, offering a nod to quirky humour while delivering serious flavour.

Food Pairing: Enjoy this NEDIPA with spicy Thai dishes or sushi, where its tropical notes and juicy body complement the spice and delicate flavours. It's also great with creamy desserts, like a tropical fruit pavlova.

Gravity Well ~ Soliton Surprise 8.0% DIPA VG

Gravity Well's Soliton Surprise is a bold DIPA that combines Citra, Simcoe, and Superdelic hops to produce a profound hoppy impact with layers of citrus and pine. This beer is big on flavour, offering a compelling blend of aromatic bitterness and tropical freshness.

Interesting Fact: Named after a soliton wave, which maintains its shape while traveling at constant velocity, this DIPA similarly maintains its robust hoppy character throughout the tasting experience, symbolizing consistency, and strength in its flavour profile.

Food Pairing: This DIPA is perfect with grilled meats such as steak or lamb, where its assertive hop profile enhances the charred flavours. It can also be paired with spicy Mexican dishes like carne asada tacos to complement its boldness.

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