October Survey Replies

October Survey Replies

Hello, dear subscribers!

Firstly, a massive thank you to each one of you for your invaluable feedback in our recent survey. Your insights and suggestions brighten our path forward! We've been poring over your comments and are excited to address some of the top questions and thoughts you've shared. Let's dive in and celebrate this fantastic journey we're on together! 🎉🍻

  • "Not sure. It's always nice to see a range of styles and strengths, all the way up to big impy stouts."

We agree, a range of styles and strength is important. So much so, that we are currently working on a heavy hitters box with all beers being a higher abv and including styles such as DIPA and Imperial Stouts. Watch this space. 

  • "Earlier info on next months box," "Earlier advance details of the next box contents," "Not sure if there is any further taste preference choices to basically veto a beer before it is dispatched, e.g. I blooming well hate Banana!" ""More tailoring, we love an imperial beer for much stronger flavours but there's a total strength variety."

So this is a great point. We are 4 months old and currently the best method we have for letting our subscribers know about the beer selection is via our beer blog. This is posted on the 1st of every month currently. If we can do this earlier we will, but sometimes the beer list (due to last minute packaging dates by the breweries) cannot be completely confirmed. If we can improve it we will. There is for example a review of a members only area with perks and exclusives. More to come here. 

  • "Online YouTube tasting"

Now this would be a fun idea. I know another subscription has done this before. Let us get a few more months under our belt and then we can return to this question. 

  • "Changing subscription type e.g. darks to mixed"

Sorry if this wasn't clear, but you can do this whenever you want. From our website hit the log in button, enter the passcode for your account, hit manage subscription, and then pick the accordion tab to change your variant. If ever your having trouble doing this email jamie@beerdad.co.uk and we will make the changes manually for you, no worries. 

  • "More information about the breweries"

Glad to hear it. So currently our monthly blog piece announcing the beers can be made longer and more in-depth. We are also working on getting information about the breweries and any events they are holding into the box as well. Please bear with us whilst we get  this started, but your point is heard and we shall try to get on for the next month. 

  • "Reduced price"

So, easy way to reduce your price is take part in surveys, use our refer-a-friend scheme which gives you £12 off per box, and fill in reviews when we are offering discounts for quick reviews. The other thing we will say, we have a Price Match Guarantee on our boxes - and if you can find the same 8 beers delivered for cheaper we will match the price of beat it. 

  • "Easier referral code, I still can’t figure it out."

Our apologies here, annoyingly the referral code system we are currently using requires you to create an account with the website. This is separate to the account you have for your beer subscription, but the codes work between the two very well. To set-up an account, visit the "refer-a-friend" page, hit "Share The Love" and (if you haven't already) hit Join. From here you create an account and will be given an easy to share referral code that you can post on socials, sent to friends via email or WhatsApp for example. Please always feel free to contact jamie@beerdad.co.uk if you have an issue or question, and we will continue to review options to make referrals as easy as possible. 

  • "Preferred 12 beers instead of 8"

Glad you liked the bigger box, and the plan is to allow all subscribers to upgrade to boxes of 10 and/or 12 in the future. For the immediate future, we are going to hold on 8 beers per box but as ever, watch this space. 

  • "More choice of frequency? Once every other month maybe, for those who don't drink as much."

Glad you made this point, and if you hadn't seen already you have complete control of your account all online. Log into your account via our website and using a passcode, go to the controls section and either reschedule your order, skip or pause your account until you next want beer. As ever, please feel free to email jamie@beerdad.co.uk if you have more questions. 

As we wrap up this post, we want to send out a heartfelt thank you once again. Your involvement and feedback are the driving forces that shape our journey. Here's to more shared moments, delightful brews, and a continued partnership. Cheers to each one of you! 

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