🌾 Embrace the Craft: Gluten-Free Beer Discovery Box 🍻

🌾 Embrace the Craft: Gluten-Free Beer Discovery Box 🍻

Step into a world where dietary choices do not compromise flavour; our Gluten-Free Beer Discovery Box is a testament to the artistry of brewing without compromise. Each gluten-free brew is a celebration of diverse tastes, crafted with precision to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. Join us on a journey where every sip opens a gateway to a spectrum of flavours, proving that gluten-free doesn't mean flavour-free.

Kirkstall Tiramisu Stout 5.5%: Indulge in the rich tapestry of Kirkstall's Tiramisu Stout – a velvety cascade of coffee and chocolate intertwining with the delicate dance of mascarpone sweetness. The symphony of flavours transports you to the heart of an Italian pastry shop, where each sip is a luscious journey through layers of dessert bliss.

Pairing Suggestions: Complement the decadence of Tiramisu Stout with a slice of dark chocolate cake or, for a daring twist, pair it with a savoury blue cheese to enhance the beer's complexity, creating a harmonious balance between sweet and tangy.

Brass Castle Sunshine IPA 5.7%: Bask in the radiance of Brass Castle's Sunshine IPA – a Yorkshire gem that fuses tradition with a burst of new world hops. Citrus notes dance on the palate, delivering a Yorkshire twist to the classic IPA. Let the fruity symphony unfold as sunshine in a glass.

Pairing Suggestions: Elevate the citrus bite of Sunshine IPA with a zesty lemon-infused grilled chicken. The hoppy profile also pairs delightfully with spicy Thai cuisine, accentuating the vibrant flavours of both beer and food.

Brass Castle Herman Hefe Hefeweizen 5.2%: Enter the world of Brass Castle's Hefe Hefeweizen – a German classic that harmonizes clove, banana, and a playful hint of bubble gum. The effervescent dance of these esters creates a refreshing palate, capturing the essence of a Bavarian Garden in every sip.

Pairing Suggestions: Celebrate the Hefe's banana notes with a serving of banana bread or enhance its clove character by pairing it with a mildly spiced chicken curry. The bubble gum hint makes it a delightful companion to fruity desserts.

Brass Castle Beowulf Lager Helles Lager 4.2%: Embrace the unfiltered allure of Beowulf Lager – a Helles that weaves honeycomb sweetness, bread crust, and a subtle citrus breeze. At an easy-going 4.2%, it's a journey through the golden fields of Bavaria, where every sip is a testament to lager craftsmanship.

Pairing Suggestions: Elevate Beowulf Lager's honeyed notes with a serving of crispy fried chicken, allowing the malt sweetness to harmonize with the savoury crunch. For a refreshing contrast, pair it with a light citrus-infused salad.

Unbarred Casual Pale Ale 4.5%: Unwind with the refreshing embrace of Unbarred's Casual Pale – a gluten-free, vegan-friendly masterpiece. The cascade of Cascade and Mosaic hops delivers a symphony of light pine, citrus, and floral notes. A crisp, clean pale ale that transcends dietary preferences, beckoning all to savour its easy-drinking allure.

Pairing Suggestions: Let the citrus hop aroma of Casual Pale enhance the flavours of grilled shrimp or pair it with a zesty Mediterranean salad for a delightful contrast. Its versatility makes it a perfect companion to light seafood dishes.

Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5%: Savor the award-winning richness of Bristol Beer Factory's Milk Stout – a velvety concoction of chocolatey sweetness and balanced coffee bitterness. This champion stout is a testament to the beauty of a creamy, full-bodied brew that delights the senses.

Pairing Suggestions: Create a dessert symphony by pairing the Milk Stout with a classic tiramisu or indulge in its creamy texture alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream. For a savoury experience, pair it with a hearty beef stew to accentuate its robust flavours.

Buxton Deepdale Session IPA 4.0%: Dive into the hoppy pleasures of Buxton's Deepdale Session IPA – a gluten-free delight bursting with modern hop favourites. The sessionable 4.0% ABV brings forth a refreshing blend of citrus and pine, making it a perfect companion for those who appreciate a flavourful, low-alcohol experience.

Pairing Suggestions: Accentuate the hop character of Deepdale with a plate of spicy chicken wings or pair it with a tangy goat cheese salad for a delightful contrast. Its light body and hoppy profile make it a versatile match for various cuisines.

Kirkstall Virtuous Pale Ale 4.5%: Embark on an evening of virtue with Kirkstall's Virtuous Pale Ale – a gluten-free and vegan-friendly IPA that combines full-flavored richness with easy-drinking allure. Tropical fruit aromas lead the way, offering a refreshing experience with every sip.

Pairing Suggestions: Complement the tropical notes of Virtuous Pale Ale with a mango salsa-topped grilled fish or pair it with a quinoa salad to enhance its fruity character. Its balanced profile makes it a versatile choice for a range of light and flavourful dishes.

As you explore the symphony of gluten-free brews within this box, we invite you to savour the richness, hoppy delights, and nuanced complexities that defy expectations. The world of gluten-free beer is vibrant, and we're thrilled to share these carefully curated selections that not only meet dietary needs but also elevate the standards of craft brewing. Here's to a gluten-free adventure where every pour is an invitation to revel in the finest flavours of the craft beer world!

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