🍁 Dive into November's Divine Beer Delights! 🍁

🍁 Dive into November's Divine Beer Delights! 🍁


Dear Craft Beer Aficionados, 

As the fiery embers of November’s leaves paint the ground and the air holds a frosty hint of winter, we're delighted to share with you an expertly curated collection of beers, a mosaic of tastes as rich and diverse as late autumn itself. From the crisp bite of wintry pales to the warm embrace of spiced ales, each brew is a captivating ensemble, a marriage of age-old craft and contemporary flair set to delight your senses.

Exciting news this November! We're proud to introduce our new Gluten-Free box, featuring standout selections from renowned breweries: Brass Castle, Left Handed Giant, and Fierce Brew. Every bottle from this trio offers not just gluten-free assurance but a unique tale, a woven tapestry of tastes waiting to dazzle in your glass.

So, whether you lean towards time-honoured traditions or chase the thrill of the new, whether you relish the sharp tang of citrusy hops or the full-bodied lullaby of smooth stouts, there’s a brew here, bathed in November’s amber glow, eager to share its narrative.

Nestle up beside a crackling fire, watch as the trees shed their vibrant attire, and let each draught be a tribute, a toast to the robust, heartwarming essences of November.

Here's to a month of taste adventures, inclusive choices, and fireside delights! 🍻

 Warm wishes, 

Jamie, Founder

Pale & Hoppy Box November 2023

Stepping into the universe of Red Willow's Wreckless APA at 4.8%, you find yourself ensnared in a dance of Citra and Amarillo hops. Each movement paints tropical canvases, whispering tales of faraway islands, culminating in a finale of refreshing clarity. Should you find yourself indulging in a plate of light and zesty ceviche, let the citrusy undertones of this APA elevate every bite, creating a ballet of flavour that transcends the ordinary.

Then there's the Left Handed Giant's Citra & Nelson Pale Hazy Dual Hop Pale at 5.0%, an enigmatic brew embracing its gluten-free promise. Its misty façade harbors Citra's spirited orange and grapefruit zest, intermingling with Nelson Sauvin's classy white wine cadence. The symphony here resonates with elderflower-infused dishes, where the winey echoes of the beer dance gracefully with the floral notes of the dish.

Losing oneself in Brew By Numbers 21 Citra Pale Ale at 5.2% is akin to drifting along an orchard blessed by the summer sun. Led by the ever-charismatic Citra, one is treated to a medley of tropical wonder, where every note tastes like sun-kissed rain. Complement this with grilled mahi-mahi, and let the beer's fruity aura seamlessly meld with the fish's tender flakiness.

Venturing forth to Brass Castle's Idaho 7 Crush at 6.5%, you're greeted by a singular hop taking center stage in this double dry-hopped tale. Authentic to its vegan and gluten-free claim, its aromatic profile hints at forests waking up to dawn. A delightful pairing would be a spicy Thai green curry, where the beer's aroma balances the dish's richness and heat.

In the embrace of Unity's Super Cali Fragilistic Mega Hop Explosion at a bold 8.0%, one feels like they're soaring above California's golden coasts, buoyed by whispers of Simcoe, Huell Melon, and El Dorado. Dive into a plate of spicy buffalo wings, letting the beer's dank and juicy persona cool the flames and amplify the zest.

Bullhouse's Rolling Papers at 5.2% is akin to a hazy dream, where everything feels within reach yet ethereal. Multiple hops cavort with fruity esters, creating a scene of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Pita chips paired with a tangy mango salsa would further enhance the beer’s crushable character, each bite punctuated by its misty allure.

Fierce's Hazy IPA at 5.0% is a narrative where every sip is a page turner, revealing chapter after chapter of tropical escapades. The soft, low bitterness feels like a gentle serenade on a moonlit beach. Think fresh Hawaiian poke bowls, with the beer's tropical notes adding layers of depth to the raw fish and sesame.

Lastly, Left-handed Giant's Idaho 7 & Strata Pale Hazy Dual Hop Pale 5.0% is this box's thrilling climax. Always gluten-free, it offers a medley of peach, tangerine, and that nostalgic taste of strawberry sherbet. The satisfying dank undercurrent craves the company of a robust blue cheese, where its earthy tang grapples harmoniously with the beer's fruity overtones.


Dark Box November 2023

Tread into the depths with Left Handed Giant x To Øl Forbidden Script Export Porter at 6.5%. Dive into its malty heart, every drop tells tales of smoked corners and syrupy cherries grinning mischievously. This demands a rich platter: smoked cheeses or charcuterie to enhance those smoked nuances.

Then, there’s the Brew By Numbers 10 Mocha Porter at 6.5%. Like sipping on silken elegance, cocoa waltzes with roasted malts. Each encounter sparkles with coffee’s cold-steeped whispers. This porter finds harmony with dark chocolate desserts, where its roasted essence heightens cocoa's richness.

Brass Castle’s Bad Kitty Vanilla Porter at 5.5% feels like a cat's mischievous play in twilight. Chocolate melds with vanilla in a chewy embrace, the shadowy purrs of the original brewhouse felines echoing. Blue cheeses, with their tang, make a felicitous companion, juxtaposing the beer's sweet underbelly.

Dive into Italy with Fierce x Queer Brewing's Tirimasu Stout at 4.5%. It paints your senses with Italy’s dessert legend: rich coffee strokes, adorned by vanilla’s luxurious ribbons. Go the full Italian route. Pannacottas or cannolis lend their creamy richness, mirroring the stout's dessert essence.

Venture dark with Red Willow’s Breakfast Stout at 5.6%. It’s like dawn in Vietnam, the roasted malts casting long shadows, with hazelnut-chocolate sunrise soon after. Imagine pairing with nut-crusted pastries, the beer’s hazelnut-chocolate notes reaching new crescendos.

Cosy up with Unity Brew’s Mood Music Milk Stout at 4.5%. It wraps you like a soft blanket: dark, velvety, comforting. To enhance the experience, shortbread or buttery biscuits work wonders. They absorb the stout's richness, creating a harmonious symphony of comfort.

Race with Fierce’s Café Racer at 6.5%. This coffee-vanilla porter teems with an adrenaline rush, much like those reckless bikers. Partner this with a slice of vanilla-rich cheesecake, a pairing that balances the porter's dual persona: dark and dangerous, yet sweet.

Finally, Double Barrelled's Whippet American Porter at 5.0%. A salute to the beloved Myrtle, it’s a dance of chocolate and biscuit, with roasty encores. The beer beckons roasted meats, where its biscuity undertone complements the caramelised outer layers of the meat.


Sour Box November 2023

Brew By Numbers 19 Gose Pornstar Martini at 5.5% is an electrifying mingle. Cocktail dreams dance with beer reality: salt's embrace, sour's thrill, with passionfruit and lime sashaying, and vanilla leaving whispers. Paired with citrusy ceviche, the experience is unforgettable, where tartness enhances the zesty fish.

Next is Brass Castle’s Kintsugi Lemon Peel Miso Gose at 4.8%. It's as if lemons whisper tales of eastern lands. Citrusy tartness flirts with umami mysteries. Fresh sushi or sashimi enhances the brew, the miso echoing flavours of the accompanying soy dip.

Bullhouse’s Budgie Smuggler Citra Sour at 4.5% feels like a summer dare. Citrusy hints tease, promising heat wave frolics. Grilled chicken with lemon zest perfectly complements, intertwining with the beer's sour essence.

Then, there's Fierce's Black Grape Punch at 4.5%. Liquid summer in its essence, tart shadows of grape candy dreams, fruit-filled revelries. Cheese plates, especially goat cheese, melt into the beer's bright tartness, a harmonious union of contrasts.

Vault City's Vault Dweller at 4.3% is an adventure. Zesty tales of a sour realm, of lemon-lime legends, and sherbet epics. Lime-drizzled fish tacos would mirror its bold zest, making the tasting journey complete.

With Vault City's Pineapple Session Sour at 4.1%, it's a tropical escapade. Each sip is an island song: tangy, juicy, and full of pineapple’s heart. Hawaiian pizzas, with their sweet and savory notes, make for a delightful companion.

Unity Brew's Dry Hopped Grisette at 4.0% poses a nostalgic query. Belgian tales spun anew, citrusy and crisp, with lemons and Mandarina Bavaria winks. Mussels steamed in the beer itself, with some citrus zest, would elevate the Grisette's Belgian nuances.

Lastly, Brick’s Apricot & Plum Fruit Sour at 3.8%. A delightful dance of sweet and sour, plush apricot embraces, with plum’s tart whispers. Almond pastries, with their mild sweetness, would blend beautifully, creating a seamless fruity indulgence.

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