🎶 Embrace the Symphony of Tart Delights: Sour Beer Showcase 🎶

🎶 Embrace the Symphony of Tart Delights: Sour Beer Showcase 🎶

Step into a world where every sip is a dance of vibrant flavours, a celebration of the sour and the sensational. Our Sour Beer Showcase is a curated symphony of tart delights, each bottle a note in a harmonious composition. From zesty citrus to luscious berries, join us on a journey where every sip is an invitation to revel in the lively melodies of sour perfection.

Signature Brew Mango Delta Mango & Chilli Sour 4.2%: A tropical tempest in a glass, Mango Delta is a tantalizing dance of mango sweetness and fiery chili heat. The Mississippi Delta's bold flavours burst forth, leaving your taste buds on a whirlwind journey. The mango takes centre stage, while the chili sneaks in, adding a devilish twist to this thrilling sour symphony.

Pair with: Savor the adventurous pairing with spicy Thai mango salad, where the chili's kick meets the sweetness of ripe mango.

Pastore Arancia Rossa Blood Orange Sour 2.5%: A low-alcohol masterpiece, Arancia Rossa is a sparkling symphony of blood oranges. Zesty and fresh, it's the essence of a summer day captured in a bottle. The blood orange's vibrant tang creates a refreshing melody that lingers, inviting you to revel in its citrusy embrace.

Pair with: Light and summery, this pairs beautifully with a blood orange-infused ceviche, highlighting the beer's citrus notes.

Pressure Drop Fast Fruits Raspberry & Pineapple Sour 3.8%: A sporty sour sensation, Fast Fruits is a Berliner Weisse that races across the palate with the speed of summer fruits. Raspberry and pineapple take the lead, creating a refreshing fruit salad experience. It's tart, it's pink, and it's a fruity sprint to the finish.

Pair with: Revel in the fruity match with a raspberry and pineapple salsa, elevating the beer's vibrant flavours.

Farm Yard Brew TILT Grapefruit & Pineapple Berliner Weisse 4.0%: Inspired by a favourite summer soft drink, TILT is a Berliner Weisse that waltzes with pineapple and pink grapefruit. The soft body and high carbonation create a fizzy, sour symphony, leaving your lips puckering with delight.

Pair with: Enjoy the lively dance with claymation-style sushi rolls, where the beer's sharp sour edge complements the flavours.

360 Degrees Elderflower & Linden Sour 4.7%: An elegant exploration of complexity, this sour is infused with elderflower tea and linden flowers. A careful dance of flavours, it boasts a tart edge, floral notes, and a character that unfolds with each sip.

Pair with: Elevate the experience with a creamy brie adorned with elderflower-infused honey.

Wilderness x Wild Horse When I'm Dancing Fruited Sour 4.5%: A collaborative masterpiece, this fruited sour is a celebration of whim berries and blackberries from the orchard and surrounding hills. Soured with lactobacillus, it's a berry-infused dance with a tart and refreshing finale.

Pair with: Let the berries tango with a rich chocolate tart, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness and tartness.

Modest Beer Blackcurrant Bramble Fruit Sour 4.8%: A tribute to the blackcurrant bramble, this sour layer’s jammy blackcurrant atop a soft and tart base. Fragrant gin botanicals add complexity, creating a beer that is smooth, fruity, and utterly drinkable.

Pair with: Indulge in the British tradition with scones topped with blackcurrant jam and clotted cream.

Unbarred x Permit Room Pineapple & Pepper Crumble Berliner Weisse 5.5%: Brewed with a nod to Dishoom's iconic dessert, this Berliner Weisse is a dessert reimagined as a soured beer. Pineapple and black pepper crumble find balance in a tart and sweet base, creating a nostalgic yet refreshing experience.

Pair with: Relish the dessert-inspired beer with a slice of warm pineapple and pepper crumble, echoing the beer's flavours.

As the final notes of our Sour Beer Showcase linger on your palate, we hope this curated selection has been a joyous exploration of the diverse and dynamic world of sour beers. Until the next tasting adventure, may your beer be tart, your moments be sweet, and your enjoyment everlasting. Cheers to the sour symphony!

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