🎶 Introducing April's Mixtape Beer Collection! 🎶

🎶 Introducing April's Mixtape Beer Collection! 🎶

Burning Sky ~ Sirius 6.0% Export Stout: Burning Sky's Sirius Export Stout, at 6.0% ABV, offers a contemplative and decadent experience. Lager malt, heritage Barke Munich, rye, and a blend of roasted wheat and malts lay the foundation for this brew. Enhanced with noble hops and a touch of Black Strap molasses, it presents a harmonious blend of flavours. Delve into notes of roasted grains and subtle sweetness, culminating in a deeply satisfying experience.

Interesting Fact: Export stouts like Sirius were historically brewed with higher alcohol content to withstand long journeys overseas.

Pair this Export Stout with bold, savoury dishes such as barbecue ribs or blackened Cajun chicken. The beer's robust flavours complement the charred and smoky elements of the dishes while its moderate sweetness balances out any spice. For a contrasting pairing, try pairing with a rich, creamy blue cheese to accentuate the beer's malt complexity and provide a delightful contrast of flavours on the palate.

Mad Squirrel ~ De La Nut 4.5% Hazelnut Milk Stout: Mad Squirrel's De La Nut is a delightful addition to their “De La Theme” series, offering a smooth and creamy hazelnut milk stout at 4.5% ABV. With added lactose sugar, this stout promises a decadent experience with sweet chocolate and caramel flavours, perfectly complemented by a nutty edge. Indulge in the richness of this brew, reminiscent of a comforting dessert in a glass.

Interesting Fact: Hazelnuts have been used in brewing for centuries, prized for their rich, nutty flavour and aroma.

Pair this luscious stout with desserts such as hazelnut chocolate cake or caramel flan. The beer's sweet chocolate and caramel notes harmonize with the richness of the desserts, while its nutty undertones enhance the overall flavour profile. For a savoury pairing, consider pairing with roasted duck or glazed pork belly to contrast the beer's sweetness and highlight its nutty characteristics, creating a satisfying culinary experience.

Burning Sky ~ Northern Light Pale 4.6% English Pale Ale: Burning Sky's Northern Light Pale Ale offers a modern twist on the classic English Pale Ale style. With Maris Otter and Munich malts providing a sturdy base, this brew boasts pronounced bitterness that complements slight toffee malt flavours. Rich aromas of pine resin and citrus fruits add a contemporary touch to this old classic.

Interesting Fact: Maris Otter is a heritage barley variety prized for its rich, biscuity flavour and is often used in traditional English ales.

Pair Northern Light Pale with hearty British fare such as fish and chips or shepherd's pie to complement its malt-forward profile. The beer's toffee notes enhance the richness of the dishes, while its hoppy bitterness provides balance. For a vegetarian option, consider pairing with a savoury mushroom pie to echo the beer's earthy flavours and create a satisfying pairing that celebrates British brewing tradition.

Phantom ~ Face Off 5.0% NEIPA: Phantom's Face Off NEIPA showcases a blend of Alora, Citra, and Luminosa hops, delivering a juicy and aromatic experience. At 5.0% ABV, this brew promises a delightful balance of fruity and tropical flavours with a soft mouthfeel characteristic of the New England IPA style.

Interesting Fact: Luminosa hops, known for their intense tropical fruit and citrus aroma, were released by Hops Breeding Company in 2018.

Pair Face Off with spicy Indian dishes such as chicken tikka masala or vegetable biryani to complement its juicy hop profile. The beer's fruity and tropical notes provide a refreshing contrast to the spice of the dishes, while its soft mouthfeel enhances the overall dining experience. For dessert, consider pairing with a mango lassi to amplify the beer's tropical flavours and create a harmonious finish to your meal.

Siren Craft Brew ~ Suspended in New Zealand 4.0% Hazy Pale Ale: Siren Craft Brew presents Suspended in New Zealand, a special release featuring the experimental hop variety NZH-104. At 4.0% ABV, this hazy pale ale offers a rare chance to enjoy sweet fruit and pine notes wrapped up in a soft, easy-drinking beer. With a malt bill consisting of malted barley, oats, and wheat, it promises a smooth and flavourful experience.

Interesting Fact: Experimental hop varieties like NZH-104 are constantly being developed by hop breeders to offer new and unique flavour profiles to brewers.

Pair Suspended in New Zealand with spicy Asian cuisine such as Thai green curry or Vietnamese pho to complement its fruity and piney hop profile. The beer's soft mouthfeel and refreshing character provide a balance to the spice of the dishes, while its hoppy aroma enhances the overall dining experience. For a vegetarian option, consider pairing with a tofu stir-fry with fresh herbs to create a harmonious fusion of flavours on the palate.

Round Corner ~ Hopping Spree 6.6% West Coast IPA: Round Corner's Hopping Spree is a bold West Coast IPA with citrus, stone fruit, and pine characteristics. Pouring a deep golden marmalade colour, this beer offers hop-led aromas that dominate the senses. With a malt bill that takes a back seat to the massive 6.6% ABV and hop content, it delivers a well-built and complex drinking experience.

Interesting Fact: West Coast IPAs are known for their clear appearance, intense hop bitterness, and prominent hop flavours, contrasting with the hazy and softer New England IPA style.

Pair Hopping Spree with spicy barbecue ribs or a juicy cheeseburger to complement its hop-forward profile. The beer's citrus and pine notes cut through the richness of the dishes, while its malt sweetness provides balance to the hop bitterness. For a vegetarian option, consider pairing with grilled portobello mushrooms topped with melted cheese to create a hearty and satisfying pairing that celebrates the bold flavours of the IPA.

Vault City ~ Wee Vault Wagon 4.5% Session Sour: Vault City's "Wee Vault Wagon" brings back childhood memories with its 4.5% session sour. Combining juicy strawberries, smooth dark chocolate, sweet biscuit, and fluffy marshmallow, this brew is a nostalgic trip down memory lane. With its crimson appearance and blush of pink foam, this beer promises a delightful sensory experience from start to finish.

Interesting Fact: Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that may help improve heart health by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Pair this whimsical sour with savoury charcuterie boards or tangy goat cheese to contrast its sweetness and enhance its complexity. The beer's fruity notes complement the richness of the cheese, while its tartness cuts through the fatty elements of the charcuterie. For dessert, try pairing with a decadent chocolate lava cake to accentuate the beer's dark chocolate flavours and create a luxurious finale to your culinary journey.

Moonwake ~ Hibiscus Sour 4.2% Hibiscus Sour: Moonwake introduces their Hibiscus Sour, crafted with petals of the hibiscus flower, offering a bouquet of cranberry, red fruit, peaches, and citrus. At 4.2% ABV, this brew showers the senses with tartness, presenting a harmonious blend of flavours. With its vibrant profile and refreshing acidity, it's a perfect sip for any occasion.

Interesting Fact: Hibiscus flowers are not only used in brewing but also in herbal teas and cocktails, prized for their tartness and floral aroma.

Pair this vibrant sour with spicy Thai curry or tangy ceviche to complement its tartness and refresh the palate. The beer's acidity cuts through the richness of the curry, while its fruity notes provide a delightful contrast to the spiciness of the dish. For dessert, consider pairing with a citrusy lemon tart or a berry sorbet to enhance the beer's fruity flavours and create a refreshing finale to your meal.

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