February 2024: Sour Box

February 2024: Sour Box

Embrace the zesty symphony and tantalizing tartness as we dive into the Sour box for February 2024. This curated collection unveils an eclectic ensemble of sour brews that defy expectations and redefine the art of palate stimulation. Crafted by innovative breweries, each beer within this box beckons the adventurous taste buds on a journey through a spectrum of sour experiences. From modern sours paying homage to iconic beverages to fruited concoctions bursting with vibrant flavours, this selection promises a thrilling exploration of the sour beer universe. Join us as we unravel the complexities, savour the boldness, and discover the unique stories behind each brew. Get ready for a month of delightful tanginess and palate-puckering pleasures that will leave you refreshed and craving more. Cheers to the Sour box for February 2024 – a celebration of the bold, the tangy, and the downright delicious!

Vault City's Iron Brew, a modern sour at 4.7%, pays homage to Scotland's iconic beverage. The bold hue and distinctive flavour create a sense of national pride, reminiscent of a timeless pint at the airport. With the infusion of Iron Brew, bubble-gum, and girders, each sip is a journey through the nation's cultural tapestry. The interplay of flavours showcases a unique blend of sweet and tangy, while the underlying sourness adds a refreshing twist. The use of traditional ingredients, such as barley, wheat, and oats, combined with the quirky addition of girders, elevates this sour to a status of pride and irony, embodying the essence of Scottish craftsmanship.

For a culinary adventure, pair Iron Brew with tangy Scottish smoked salmon. The beer's sour notes cut through the richness of the salmon, while the Iron Brew's unique flavour complements the smokiness. This pairing is a celebration of Scotland's culinary and brewing traditions, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends expectations.

Brick's Triple Fruited, Fruits of The Forest Sour at 3.4% is a vibrant explosion of berries. With a generous inclusion of strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, and redcurrant puree, this kettle sour defies convention. The unique Lactobacillus culture employed in brewing ensures a distinctive sour profile that sets it apart. The medley of berries bursts in the mouth, creating a sensory symphony that is as visually stunning as it is delicious.

Pairing this fruity sour with a goat cheese and mixed berry salad enhances the beer's berry notes, while the creamy goat cheese harmonizes with the sourness. The contrasting textures and flavours create a delightful balance that elevates both the beer and the dish to new heights.

Cloudwater's Blackcurrant & Raspberry Breeze at 4.5% offers a smooth and crushable fruited sour experience. Combining aromatic blackcurrant with bright raspberry, this beer captures the vibrancy of freshly picked fruit. The Breeze series exemplifies a masterful balance between drinkability and explosive fruit character, making it a standout in the realm of fruited sours.

Pairing Blackcurrant & Raspberry Breeze with a goat cheese and honey crostini accentuates the beer's fruitiness. The sweetness of honey complements the blackcurrant and raspberry notes, while the goat cheese provides a creamy counterpoint. This combination creates a symphony of flavours that dance on the palate.

Drop Project's Layers, a Peach, Passionfruit, Mango & Pineapple Sour Ale at 3.5%, is a tropical delight. With a medley of peach, passionfruit, mango, and pineapple, this sour ale embodies the essence of a sun-soaked paradise. The layers of tropical fruits create a flavour profile that is both refreshing and exotic, offering a sensory escape with every sip.

For a culinary escapade, pair Layers with a tropical fruit ceviche. The beer's fruitiness complements the ceviche's citrusy brightness, while the sour ale's acidity enhances the dish's overall vibrancy. This pairing transports the taste buds to a beachside retreat, where the synergy of flavours creates a memorable experience.

New Bristol x Vault City's Fruits of Forest at 6.0%, a Meringue & Lemon Curd Sour, is a tantalizing collaboration. Sharp tangy berries and zesty lemon curd are balanced by the vanilla sweetness of meringue. This sour is a delightful play of contrasting flavours, creating a dynamic and complex drinking experience that evolves with each sip.

Pairing Fruits of Forest with a lemon meringue pie accentuates the beer's lemon curd and meringue elements. The pie's buttery crust complements the beer's malt backbone, while the tangy lemon curd resonates with the sour ale's profile. This pairing transforms a classic dessert into a symphony of flavours that dance on the taste buds.

Tartarus' Lorelei, a Fruited Berliner Weisse at 4.3%, is a tropical infusion. Brewed with guava, mango, and passionfruit, this Berliner Weiss is light, fruity, and super tasty. The simplicity of the malt base allows the tropical fruits to take centre stage, creating a beer that is both refreshing and full of exotic character.

For a delightful pairing, enjoy Lorelei with coconut shrimp skewers. The beer's tropical notes complement the coconut-infused shrimp, while the sourness cuts through the richness of the dish. This culinary collaboration transforms a simple appetizer into a tropical feast for the senses.

Unbarred's Cherry Garsour, an Ice-Cream Sour at 6.2%, is a sophisticated blend of decadent flavours. Dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, and fudge layered onto a bed of fresh tart cherries create a mesmerizing deep ruby red concoction. The full-bodied, velvety smooth Berliner Weisse base is a canvas for the interplay of cherry, chocolate, and fudge, reminiscent of classic ice cream indulgence.

Pairing Cherry Garsour with a rich chocolate lava cake enhances the beer's chocolate and cherry notes. The beer's velvety smoothness complements the gooey texture of the cake, creating a dessert experience that is both decadent and harmonious. This pairing is a celebration of indulgence, where each sip and bite elevate the other to new heights.

Vault City's Blackcurrant Session Sour at 4.5% is a return to simplicity. Letting the fruit speak for itself, this sour beer exudes strong aromas and sharp tartness from blackcurrants. The distinctive dark purple hue reflects the intense flavours packed into this sessionable brew, creating a sensory experience that is both straightforward and deeply satisfying.

Pairing Blackcurrant Session Sour with a goat cheese and blackcurrant compote crostini highlights the beer's blackcurrant character. The tartness of the compote enhances the beer's sharpness, while the creamy goat cheese provides a luxurious backdrop. This pairing is a delightful union of simplicity and sophistication, where each element enhances the other in perfect harmony.

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