July 2024 Mixed: No Dark Beer Box Tasting Notes

July 2024 Mixed: No Dark Beer Box Tasting Notes

Round Corner ~ 10 Hours in LA 5.2% Pacific Pale Ale

Round Corner's 10 Hours in LA Pacific Pale Ale is a testament to the journey of hops across the globe. Brewed with Riwaka, Motueka, and Galaxy hops from New Zealand and Australia, this beer embodies the essence of the South Pacific. It pours a radiant golden hue, offering a burst of tropical aromas that greet you with every sip. Expect flavours of passion fruit, citrus zest, and a hint of pine, all balanced by a light malt sweetness that ensures a smooth and refreshing experience. The name itself pays homage to the famous layover route from the Antipodes to the UK, now immortalized in the form of these exquisite hops.

Interesting Fact: Round Corner Brewery has garnered acclaim for sourcing some of the freshest and most sought-after hops from the Southern Hemisphere, elevating their beers with distinct flavours that resonate with both hop aficionados and casual drinkers alike.

Pair 10 Hours in LA with grilled seafood dishes such as shrimp tacos or lemon and herb-marinated grilled fish. The tropical notes from the hops harmonize beautifully with the charred flavours of the grill and the bright acidity of citrus-based marinades. For a vegetarian option, try it alongside a mango and avocado salad tossed with a zesty lime vinaigrette, enhancing the beer's fruity profile while offering a refreshing contrast. Whether by the beach or at a backyard barbecue, this Pacific Pale Ale is an ideal companion for warm, sunny days, bringing a taste of the Antipodes to your palate.


New Bristol ~ Beauty 6.0% New Zealand/Australia IPA

New Bristol's Beauty IPA showcases the vibrant flavours of New Zealand and Australian hops, creating a sensory journey with each sip. Bursting with notes of white grape, peach, and gooseberry, this hazy IPA delivers a creamy mouthfeel thanks to its oat and wheat base. The combination of Enigma, Eclipse, Nelson Sauvin, and Motueka hops brings forth a delightful complexity, offering a balance of fruity sweetness and a subtle bitterness that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Interesting Fact: New Bristol Brewery prides itself on sourcing the finest hops globally, collaborating with growers to ensure sustainable practices and exceptional quality, which shine through in every batch of their beers.

Pair Beauty IPA with grilled chicken skewers marinated in a citrus-infused sauce, enhancing the beer's fruity character while complementing the savoury notes of the dish. For a vegetarian option, pair it with a grilled halloumi salad tossed with fresh herbs and a drizzle of honey-lime dressing, accentuating the IPA's tropical flavours and adding a touch of sweetness. Whether enjoyed outdoors on a sunny day or alongside a hearty meal, Beauty IPA promises a memorable drinking experience.

Northern Monk x Dogfish Head ~ Endless Hum 3.4% Rye IPA

Northern Monk and Dogfish Head present Endless Hum, a collaborative Rye IPA that marries British and American brewing traditions. Crafted with a blend of rye in the grist for added depth, this sessionable IPA boasts a unique flavour profile enriched by juniper berries and white sage. Expect aromas of orange zest and earthy spices, complemented by hints of tropical fruit and a subtle herbal undertone, creating a refreshing and nuanced drinking experience.

Interesting Fact: The collaboration between Northern Monk and Dogfish Head celebrates a shared passion for innovation and flavour experimentation, bringing together their expertise to create beers that push the boundaries of traditional styles.

Pair Endless Hum Rye IPA with spicy barbecue ribs, as the beer's herbal notes and crisp bitterness cut through the richness of the meat while enhancing the smoky flavours. For a vegetarian option, pair it with a spicy black bean burger topped with avocado salsa, allowing the IPA's citrusy hops to contrast with the creamy avocado and spicy beans. Whether at a backyard barbecue or a lively music venue, Endless Hum Rye IPA promises to be a versatile and enjoyable companion.

Phantom ~ Don’t Run, We Are Friends! 4.5% Pale Ale

Phantom's Don’t Run, We Are Friends! Pale Ale is a testament to camaraderie and craftmanship. Brewed with a blend of American hops, this Pale Ale offers vibrant aromas of citrus and pine, leading into flavours of grapefruit and subtle floral notes. With a moderate bitterness and a crisp, clean finish, this beer is perfect for both seasoned ale enthusiasts and those new to craft beer alike.

Interesting Fact: Phantom Brewery is known for its community-focused approach, often collaborating with local artists and musicians to create unique beer experiences that resonate with their loyal fan base.

Pair Don’t Run, We Are Friends! Pale Ale with spicy fish tacos, allowing the beer's citrusy hops to complement the dish's bright flavours while cleansing the palate between bites. For a vegetarian pairing, try it with a grilled vegetable platter drizzled with lemon-infused olive oil, enhancing the Pale Ale's citrus undertones and providing a refreshing contrast to the grilled vegetables. Whether at a casual gathering or a relaxed evening at home, this Pale Ale is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Brew York ~ PARTICIP8 4.5% Pineapple & Raspberry Sour

PARTICIP8 from Brew York emerges from a jubilant celebration, where beer enthusiasts united to choose its vibrant identity. This 4.5% sour ale brims with tropical exuberance, blending juicy pineapples and tart raspberries into a symphony of flavours. It's a testament to community and creativity, encapsulating the spirit of shared brewing passion and adventurous palates. Each sip unveils layers of fruit-forward complexity, making it a must-try for sour beer aficionados seeking a refreshing twist.

Interesting Fact: Brew York's commitment to community involvement extends beyond their beers; they actively engage local artists for label designs, turning each bottle into a canvas that tells a unique visual story alongside its liquid counterpart.

Pair PARTICIP8 with spicy grilled shrimp tacos to accentuate its fruity sweetness while complementing the beer's tangy profile. For a contrasting option, try pairing with a creamy goat cheese salad topped with fresh pineapple salsa, allowing the beer’s vibrant flavours to shine against savoury notes. Whichever route you choose, PARTICIP8 promises a lively dining experience that celebrates the best of summer flavours.

Pastore ~ Limone 2.5% Fruited Sour

Limone by Pastore emerges as a beacon of refreshment, a low-alcohol sour beer that captures the essence of a hazy summer day. Conditioned on Sicilian lemons, mandarin oranges, and pink grapefruit, this 2.5% ABV brew offers a zesty and citrus-forward experience. Its light body and bright acidity make it a perfect companion for leisurely afternoon sipping, transporting drinkers to sun-drenched Mediterranean landscapes with every sip.

Interesting Fact: Pastore Brewery’s dedication to crafting low-alcohol sours stems from a mission to provide flavourful options for those seeking sessionable beers without compromising on taste or quality.

Pair Limone with a seafood ceviche to complement its citrusy notes while enhancing the beer’s refreshing character. Alternatively, pair with a lemon-infused chicken salad for a delightful interplay of flavours that accentuate the beer's tartness. Whether enjoyed al fresco or at a cozy indoor gathering, Limone promises to elevate any occasion with its sunny disposition and vibrant flavours.

Farm Yard Brew ~ Squeeze 3.8% Orange & Raspberry Sour

Farm Yard Brew presents Squeeze, a 3.8% Orange & Raspberry Sour that embodies the essence of summer refreshment. Pouring a vibrant pink with a frothy white head, this sessionable sour bursts with aromas of ripe oranges and tart raspberries, teasing the senses with its fruity bouquet. The first sip reveals a delightful interplay of tangy citrus and juicy raspberry flavours, balanced by a subtle sweetness from oats, wheat, and a touch of lactose. Squeeze offers a crisp and clean mouthfeel, making it perfect for quenching thirsts on hot summer days. This sour exemplifies Farm Yard Brew’s commitment to crafting beers that marry bold flavours with drinkability.

Interesting Fact: Farm Yard Brew’s Squeeze incorporates oats, wheat, and lactose to enhance the beer’s body and sweetness, complementing the tartness of orange and raspberry. This combination creates a balanced and refreshing sour that appeals to both sour beer enthusiasts and those new to the style. The brewery’s dedication to using quality ingredients ensures that each sip of Squeeze delivers a burst of fruity goodness, making it a standout choice for summer enjoyment.

Pair Farm Yard Brew’s Squeeze with light and fresh dishes like grilled chicken salad or seafood ceviche to complement its vibrant citrus and berry flavours. The beer’s tartness cuts through the richness of grilled meats or oily fish, cleansing the palate between bites and enhancing the overall dining experience. For a dessert pairing, enjoy it with lemon sorbet or raspberry cheesecake to accentuate the beer’s fruit-forward profile, creating a harmonious balance of sweet and tart flavours that linger pleasantly on the palate.

Mondo ~ Lawn Club 4.2% Strawberries & Cream Sour

Lawn Club emerges like a burst of sunshine in a glass, inviting summer revellers to indulge in its tart, yet creamy embrace. At 4.2%, this session sour delivers a delightful collision of ripe strawberries mingled with subtle hints of mint and sweet vanilla. The acidity is balanced impeccably, offering a refreshing twist that lingers playfully on the palate. Whether enjoyed courtside or basking in the park, this beer promises to elevate any sunny occasion with its vibrant personality.

Interesting Fact: Mondo Brewery, nestled in London’s heart, draws inspiration not only from the city’s dynamic spirit but also from a commitment to sustainability. They utilize innovative brewing techniques that minimize environmental impact, ensuring each sip of Lawn Club is as eco-friendly as it is delicious.

Crafted to complement its fruity essence, Lawn Club pairs harmoniously with light summer fare. Consider serving alongside a fresh salad topped with goat cheese and strawberries to accentuate the beer’s berry notes. For a contrasting twist, pair with a tangy lemon tart that highlights both the beer's tartness and creamy undertones, creating a memorable summer dining experience.

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