May's Gluten-Free Gems: Savour the Flavour Without the Gluten!

May's Gluten-Free Gems: Savour the Flavour Without the Gluten!

Brass Castle ~ Green Man 8.2% Tripel VG GF

Brass Castle's Green Man is a hoppy interpretation of the Belgian-style Tripel, enriched with Azacca and Ekuanot dry hops. These hops imbue the beer with vibrant tropical notes, complementing the spice and fruity esters typical of Belgian yeast. At 8.2% ABV, it marries complexity with a robust character.

Interesting Fact: The Green Man is part of Brass Castle's "Legends" series, highlighting folklore globally. The beer features artwork by Claudia Bowler, linking the mythical Green Man, a symbol of rebirth and nature, with global cultural narratives and ecological awareness.

Food Pairing: This Tripel pairs well with rich, creamy dishes such as carbonara or a triple-cream brie, where its fruity esters and spicy yeast notes can cut through the richness. It also complements spicy Asian cuisine, balancing the heat with its tropical hop profile.

Brass Castle ~ Snoweater 4.8% Pale Ale VG GF

Snoweater Pale Ale features a clean, crisp profile, thanks to the sole use of Chinook hops which deliver piney and subtle citrus flavours. This Pale Ale, inspired by the warm, snow-melting Chinook winds of the Rockies, captures the essence of transformation and renewal inherent in nature.

Interesting Fact: Named after the 'Snow Eater' wind, this beer reflects the meteorological phenomenon of the Foehn Effect, where warm winds melt mountain snow, symbolizing sudden change and freshness.

Food Pairing: Ideal with grilled chicken or salmon, where the beer's piney hops can complement the smoky flavours. It's also a great match for creamy risottos or roasted vegetables, enhancing the earthy notes of the food.

Brass Castle ~ Blue In The Face 5.8% Dessert Pale Ale VG

Blue In The Face is a dessert pale ale bursting with the flavours of blueberry, vanilla, and white chocolate muffin. This innovative brew seamlessly combines the sweetness of dessert components with the hoppy balance of a pale ale, creating a uniquely indulgent yet refreshing experience.

Interesting Fact: This beer transforms the concept of a pale ale, infusing dessert-like sweetness into the typically hop-forward profile, making it a standout in its category for those with a sweet tooth and a love for craft ale.

Food Pairing: Perfect with dessert courses, especially fruit pies or vanilla ice cream. For a savoury twist, pair it with mild creamy cheeses like mascarpone to enhance the vanilla and blueberry notes.

Abbeydale ~ Aquanaut Experimental Pale Ale VG GF

Aquanaut plunges into the depths of hop innovation, utilizing Spectrum Galaxy, Lupomax Azacca, and Incognito Centennial hops for an intense tropical aroma complemented by a resinous pine finish. This experimental pale ale explores new boundaries in hop usage, offering a complex and aromatic profile.

Interesting Fact: Abbeydale's dedication to exploring new hop products is exemplified in Aquanaut, showcasing cutting-edge hop technologies that deliver concentrated flavours and aromas, enhancing the beer's sensory experience without overwhelming bitterness.

Food Pairing: This pale ale goes well with spicy Asian dishes, such as Thai or Vietnamese cuisine, where its tropical notes and piney finish can complement the spice and sweetness of the food. It's also a great partner for citrusy salads.


Abbeydale ~ Fly P.A. 4.7% DH Pale Ale VG GF

Abbeydale's Fly P.A. is a double dry-hopped pale ale that delivers a tropical fruit explosion. Infused with generous amounts of Galaxy and Sabro hops, this ale sings with notes of tangerine, peach, passionfruit, and hints of coconut, all cradled in a soft, pillowy mouthfeel provided by a careful selection of malts and oats.

Interesting Fact: Created in collaboration with Sheffield-based electronic music duo I Monster, this pale ale celebrates the 20th anniversary of their album and accompanies their 2024 tour, capturing the spirit of their innovative sound in liquid form.

Food Pairing: The fruity and tropical nature of this pale ale makes it ideal for pairing with light poultry dishes, such as a grilled chicken salad with citrus dressing, or fruity desserts like a peach cobbler to echo its peachy notes.

Fierce ~ Fierce IPA 5.0% IPA VG GF

Fierce IPA is a modern expression of an IPA, packed with nectarine, orange, and caramel aromas, leading into flavours that blend bittersweet citrus zest with a juicy finish. This beer strikes a beautiful balance between fruit-forward sweetness and the bold bitterness expected in an IPA.

Interesting Fact: Fierce Brewery aims to deliver bold flavours, and this IPA is no exception. It's crafted to showcase the vibrant potential of hops to produce pronounced fruit flavours while maintaining the classic IPA bite.

Food Pairing: The zesty and sweet profile of this IPA pairs wonderfully with spicy foods such as Indian curries or buffalo wings, as the sweetness can temper the heat while the hops refresh the palate.

Fierce ~ Berry 4.6% Fruity Pale Ale VG GF

Fierce Berry is a crisp, refreshing IPA characterized by its light bitterness and a profusion of citrus hop flavours. Its clean and thirst-quenching nature makes it a standout for those looking for a straightforward, enjoyable beer with subtle complexities.

Interesting Fact: By focusing on citrus hop flavours, Fierce Berry exemplifies a brewing style that aims to be both accessible and enjoyable, making it perfect for any occasion, whether a casual gathering or a more festive event.

Food Pairing: This beer is excellent with seafood, particularly lighter dishes like grilled fish or shrimp ceviche, where its crispness complements the delicate flavours. It also pairs well with citrus-dressed salads.

Fierce ~ Fancy Juice 5.0% Hazy IPA VG GF

Fancy Juice from Fierce is a hazy IPA that immerses the senses in a blend of mango and peach aromas, followed by a lush profile of thick tropical and stone fruit flavours. This IPA is all about the rich, juicy body that invites sip after sip.

Interesting Fact: Fierce Brewery's Fancy Juice is designed to mimic the indulgent experience of drinking a tropical fruit smoothie, with the added complexity and satisfaction of a well-crafted IPA.

Food Pairing: The robust fruitiness of Fancy Juice pairs beautifully with spicy barbecue dishes, where its sweetness can counterbalance the spice. It's also a great match for rich desserts like mango sorbet or peach pie, enhancing the fruit flavours.

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