Unveiling December's Dark Beer Delights: Sweet Dreams Are Made Like These

Unveiling December's Dark Beer Delights: Sweet Dreams Are Made Like These


As winter's chill settles in, it's time to embrace the cozy comforts of December with a selection that's as rich and velvety as a midnight sky. Our dark beer box, aptly named "Sweet Dreams Are Made Like These," is a symphony of darkness, featuring an array of indulgent and luxurious dark beers. Join us on a journey through the depths of flavour as we unwrap the mysteries concealed in each can, promising to make your winter nights truly dreamy. From chocolate-infused stouts to intricately crafted porters, this month's selection is a celebration of the dark side of brewing that's sure to warm your soul. Get ready to savor the essence of December with these delectable, dark elixirs that turn dreams into liquid reality.

Siren Craft Brew - Fire & Stars 5.7% Smoked Porter 440ml:

Embrace the sensory dance of Fire & Stars, a smoked porter that transports you to the warmth of a campfire under a starlit sky. Crafted with oak-smoked wheat, this beer unveils a nuanced smokiness, reminiscent of crackling logs. Beech-smoked barley adds layers of complexity, weaving a tapestry of earthy tones that intertwine with the richness of dark malts. As you sip, the robust character unfolds, a testament to the late evenings shared with loved ones.

The interplay of ingredients crafts a comforting yet bold experience. The oak-smoked wheat contributes a subtle sweetness, softening the edges of the robust beech-smoked barley. Dark malts provide a velvety texture, echoing the depth of flavor akin to the camaraderie around a campfire. This smoked porter, a liquid homage to shared moments, delivers a harmonious blend, each ingredient adding a distinct note to the symphony of taste.

Pairing Suggestion:

Complement the robust nature of Fire & Stars with a dish that echoes its depth. A smoked brisket, slow-cooked to perfection, mirrors the beer's smoky essence. The oak-smoked wheat's sweetness harmonizes with the caramelization of the meat, while the beech-smoked barley stands resilient against the richness. For a contrasting yet complementary note, consider a side of dark chocolate, as its bitterness enhances the beer's nuanced flavors. Together, they create a sensory journey that mirrors the warmth of a shared evening around the fire.


Turning Point - The Festive 5.4% East India Porter 440ml:

Enter the realm of The Festive, an East India Porter that encapsulates the spirit of Christmas. With a generous hop infusion, this beer elegantly blends the robustness of a porter with festive indulgence. Notes of velvety chocolate grace the palate, intertwining seamlessly with the roasted malt, creating a symphony of dark flavors. The gentle fruity finish is a nod to the season, adding a touch of merriment to the depth of this well-hopped creation.

As you sip The Festive, envision a fireside celebration. The chocolate undertones evoke visions of holiday desserts, while the roasty malt foundation mirrors the crackling warmth of a Yule log. The subtle fruitiness, akin to seasonal delights, elevates the experience, making this porter a companion to cozy Christmas evenings.

Pairing Suggestion:

For a festive harmony, pair The Festive with a platter of artisanal cheeses. The chocolate notes mirror the richness of a creamy blue cheese, while the roasted malt complements the savory depth of an aged cheddar. Enhance the gentle fruity finish with a cranberry-studded Brie, creating a sensory journey that mirrors the joyous medley of flavors during the holiday season. Whether by the fireside or at the Christmas table, this East India Porter harmonizes with the festive spirit, creating a memorable pairing for the season.


Marble - Mild 4.1% Mild 500ml:

Embark on a journey into the heart of tradition with Marble's Mild, a meticulous reimagining of the classic British style. This ale, a masterful symphony of eight malts, unveils a nuanced dance of flavors. Caramel whispers gently on the palate, its sweetness entwined with the sophisticated depth of chocolate. The modern twist on this timeless style results in a rich, dark elixir, where each malt contributes a note to the harmonious composition. As you savor the Mild, the dry finish provides a satisfying conclusion to this sensory exploration.

In the glass, Marble's Mild mirrors the heritage it draws inspiration from. The intricate layering of caramel and chocolate notes pays homage to the roots of the style, while the dry finish introduces a contemporary touch. This ale, a bridge between tradition and innovation, stands as a testament to the artistry embedded in the brewing process.

Pairing Suggestion:

Elevate the experience of Marble's Mild with a classic British dish – beef and ale pie. The caramel hints in the beer complement the savory richness of the slow-cooked beef, while the chocolate undertones resonate with the hearty, flaky crust. The dry finish serves as a palate cleanser, preparing you for each flavorful bite. Embrace the heritage of both ale and cuisine, allowing the marriage of tradition and innovation to unfold on your taste buds, creating a symphony of tastes that transcends time.


Siren Craft Brew - Cupcake 5.4% Tropical Session Stout w/ Cacao, Cypress & Vanilla 330ml:

Dive into the decadent allure of Cupcake, an enchanting addition to the Caribbean Chocolate Cake series by Siren Craft Brew. This Tropical Session Stout, though light in alcohol, unfolds a world of richness. Immerse yourself in the velvety embrace of cacao, a decadent dance of chocolate that caresses the taste buds. The addition of Cypress introduces a tropical breeze, elevating the stout with a subtle aromatic touch. As the vanilla frosting sweetness emerges, it creates a harmonious balance, transforming this sessionable brew into a celebration of indulgence.

In the glass, Cupcake reveals a deep, inviting darkness, reminiscent of the seductive allure of a chocolate dessert. The interplay of cacao and vanilla takes center stage, mirroring the layers of a well-crafted cupcake. The tropical nuance from Cypress adds a touch of exoticism, inviting you to savor each sip as if embarking on a culinary escapade.

Pairing Suggestion:

For a culinary escapade, pair Cupcake with a slice of coconut cream pie. The tropical notes in the beer complement the creamy coconut filling, while the cacao essence resonates with the chocolatey crust. The vanilla frosting in the stout harmonizes with the sweetness of the pie, creating a symphony of flavors that transports you to a blissful dessert haven. Let this pairing be a testament to the artistry of flavor, where the dance between beer and dessert creates a sensory experience that lingers on the palate.


Abbeydale - Restoration Series 5.0% English Porter 440ml:

Embark on a journey through time with Abbeydale's Restoration Series, a contemporary ode to the venerable English Porter. In this modern interpretation, malt takes center stage, a symphony of six carefully selected grains. The result is a sensory tapestry where richness, depth, and chocolatey allure intertwine. Light roasty toasty notes beckon you into the heart of the brew, while unctuous caramel undertones provide a decadent layering. As the journey concludes, a balanced bitter finish emerges, a nod to the classic roots from which this porter draws inspiration.

Pouring the Restoration Series unveils a deep, inviting darkness, reminiscent of the historical roots it reveres. The malt-forward profile mirrors the craftsmanship of bygone eras, while the contemporary twist adds a layer of intrigue. Each sip, a step through time, invites you to appreciate the evolution of a time-honored style.

Pairing Suggestion:

Accentuate the malt-driven elegance of Restoration Series with a dish that complements its richness. Opt for a hearty beef and mushroom stew, where the caramel undertones in the porter harmonize with the savory depth of slow-cooked beef. The chocolatey character mirrors the earthiness of the mushrooms, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. This pairing, a fusion of tradition and modernity, showcases the versatility of a well-crafted English Porter in tandem with a robust culinary companion.


Staggeringly Good - Post Impact 5.4% Chocolate Hazelnut Porter 440ml:

Step into the world of Staggeringly Good's Post Impact, a Chocolate Hazelnut Porter that redefines indulgence. This brew is a sensory escapade, weaving richness, roastiness, and a tantalizing dance of dark chocolate into every sip. The nutty finish adds a layer of complexity, elevating the experience beyond mere decadence. Remarkably, despite the opulent flavors, Post Impact remains endlessly drinkable, striking a delicate balance that avoids overwhelming sweetness, inviting you to savor its depths without reservation.

In the glass, this porter unveils a deep, luscious darkness, a visual prelude to the symphony of flavors within. The infusion of 70% Dark Hot Chocolate Shards and Hazelnut creates a velvety texture, enhancing the roasty character. The chocolate notes, both rich and nuanced, mirror the craftsmanship of a well-crafted dessert, while the nutty undertones provide a satisfying conclusion to each sip.

Pairing Suggestion:

Pair the indulgence of Post Impact with a slice of flourless chocolate hazelnut cake. The dark chocolate shards in the beer harmonize with the richness of the cake, while the hazelnut finish complements the nutty undertones in the brew. Consider a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream as an accompaniment, as its creaminess softens the roastiness and adds a contrasting element to the ensemble. This pairing, a celebration of chocolate and hazelnut synergy, transcends the conventional boundaries of dessert and beer, creating a truly decadent experience for the senses.


Full Circle - I Am The Night 4.1% Baltic Porter 440ml:

Immerse yourself in the velvety mystique of Full Circle's I Am The Night, a Baltic Porter that unfolds with smooth richness. The nose welcomes you with a malty sweetness, a prelude to a symphony of flavors that follow. Caramel and toffee notes intertwine, casting a decadent spell, while toasted nuts add depth and complexity. As you sip, a delicate dance of currants and plums emerges, balancing the sweetness with nuanced dark fruit undertones. This porter, a testament to craftsmanship, is a journey through the sensory realms of Baltic excellence.

In the glass, I Am The Night reveals a deep, inviting darkness, a visual representation of the indulgence that awaits. The malty sweetness on the nose foreshadows the flavor profile, setting the stage for the caramel-toffee duo and the subtle dance of dark fruit. The seamless integration of these elements showcases the mastery behind this Baltic Porter, inviting you to savor its layers of complexity.

Pairing Suggestion:

Enhance the Baltic allure of I Am The Night with a pairing that echoes its richness. Opt for slow-cooked beef stew, where the caramel and toffee notes in the porter harmonize with the savory depth of the meat. The toasted nuts add a layer of earthiness that complements the hearty stew, while the hints of currants and plums provide a sweet contrast. Consider a side of crusty rye bread to cleanse the palate, allowing you to fully appreciate the interplay of flavors in this Baltic masterpiece. This pairing, a celebration of malt complexity, creates a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary, transporting you to the heart of Baltic brewing tradition.


New Bristol Brewery x Unbarred - Chocolate Orange Stout 7.0% Chocolate Orange Stout 440ml:

Embark on a journey of decadence with New Bristol Brewery and Unbarred's collaborative creation, the Chocolate Orange Stout. This rich elixir marries two beloved flavors seamlessly, resulting in a velvety masterpiece. As you pour, a luscious darkness fills the glass, promising a sensory indulgence. The synergy of chocolate and orange unfolds with each sip, creating a silky smooth texture that caresses the palate. The decadent richness, a testament to craft, showcases the collaborative alchemy of two renowned breweries.

In the realm of flavor, this stout is a celebration of harmony. The chocolate notes, deep and sumptuous, dance in tandem with the bright citrus of orange, creating a balanced interplay. The silky smoothness enhances the experience, transforming each moment into a luxurious indulgence, a liquid homage to the artistry of brewing.

Pairing Suggestion:

Elevate the decadence of the Chocolate Orange Stout with a pairing that mirrors its richness. Opt for a dark chocolate and orange mousse, where the beer's sumptuous chocolate notes harmonize with the dessert's velvety texture. The bright citrus of orange in the stout adds a refreshing contrast, cutting through the sweetness of the mousse. Consider a sprinkle of candied orange zest on top for an extra layer of complexity. This pairing, a fusion of liquid and solid indulgence, transcends the ordinary, creating a sensory experience that delights the taste buds and pays homage to the magic of collaborative brewing.

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