February 2024 - Mixed Box

February 2024 - Mixed Box

Embark on a tantalizing journey through the diverse and eclectic world of craft beer with our Mixed Beer Box for February 2024. This carefully curated selection features a symphony of flavours and styles, each can promising a unique sensory experience. From the juicy pale ales that dance on the palate to the rich, complex stouts that offer a comforting warmth, this mixed box is a celebration of the artistry and innovation within the craft beer scene. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or just beginning your exploration, join us in savouring this month's diverse brews that showcase the creativity and passion of the brewers behind each label. Cheers to a month of discovery and delight!


Modest Beers' Hazy IPA is a vibrant symphony of fruity and dank notes that dance upon the taste buds. The concoction of Columbus, Cryo Pop, Simcoe Cryo, Motueka, and Mosaic Cryo hops creates a harmonious blend, bringing forth an intense yet balanced hop profile. As the golden elixir caresses the palate, the addition of wheat and oats lends a velvety texture, enhancing the overall mouthfeel. The interplay of gluten, barley, wheat, and oats, combined with the absence of animal-derived products, makes it a welcome choice for vegans seeking a luscious IPA experience.


For a culinary companionship, consider pairing this Hazy IPA with spicy dishes, such as a Thai green curry. The beer's fruity complexity will complement the heat, while its lush body provides a soothing counterpoint. The intermingling flavours create a dining experience that transcends the ordinary, much like the beer itself.


Disruption IS Brewing's Demokracy, a DDH Session IPA, stands as a beacon of hop enlightenment in a world marred by mediocrity. Crafted with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops, it unleashes waves of tropical fruit, berry abundance, and a hint of light lemon zest. At a modest 3.8%, it's a testament to the fact that greatness can be achieved without excess. The beer's citrusy vibrancy is further elevated by the double dry-hopping process, ensuring each sip is a refreshing burst of revitalizing flavours.


Pairing Demokracy with grilled shrimp tacos enhances the beer's citrus notes, creating a delightful synergy with the lime-accented seafood. The beer's moderate alcohol content and crisp finish cut through the richness of the dish, making it a marriage of flavours that elevates both the beer and the meal.


Round Corner's Shimmering Pond, a Hazy IPA, unfolds like a tropical paradise in a glass. With an infusion of Talus, Sabro, and Idaho-7 hops, it invites the senses on a journey through mango orchards, guava groves, and coconut palm-lined shores. The use of coconut adds a nuanced layer to the beer, contributing to its overall lusciousness and complexity.


Pairing Shimmering Pond with a coconut shrimp curry creates a harmonious union of flavours. The beer's tropical notes resonate with the dish's coconut-infused richness, while the hoppy bitterness cuts through the curry's creaminess. This pairing transforms a meal into a sensory expedition, where each sip and bite enhance the other.


Vibrant Forest's Pupa, a Juicy Pale Ale, navigates the space between east and west coast styles with finesse. A medley of light citrus and ripe tropical fruits takes centre stage, while oats contribute to a velvety mouthfeel. The fruity yeast strain adds a soft stone fruit finish, creating a beer that encapsulates the best of both worlds.


To elevate the Pupa experience, pair it with a grilled peach and prosciutto bruschetta. The beer's citrus and stone fruit notes complement the sweetness of the grilled peaches, while the salty prosciutto enhances the overall flavour complexity. This pairing transforms a simple snack into a gourmet affair, where each bite and sip enhance the other in perfect harmony.


Vault City's Iron Brew, a modern sour at 4.7%, pays homage to Scotland's iconic beverage. The bold hue and distinctive flavour create a sense of national pride, reminiscent of a timeless pint at the airport. With the infusion of Iron Brew, bubble-gum, and girders, each sip is a journey through the nation's cultural tapestry. The interplay of flavours showcases a unique blend of sweet and tangy, while the underlying sourness adds a refreshing twist. The use of traditional ingredients, such as barley, wheat, and oats, combined with the quirky addition of girders, elevates this sour to a status of pride and irony, embodying the essence of Scottish craftsmanship.


For a culinary adventure, pair Iron Brew with tangy Scottish smoked salmon. The beer's sour notes cut through the richness of the salmon, while the Iron Brew's unique flavour complements the smokiness. This pairing is a celebration of Scotland's culinary and brewing traditions, creating a harmonious fusion that transcends expectations.


Unbarred's Cherry Garsour, an Ice-Cream Sour at 6.2%, is a sophisticated blend of decadent flavours. Dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, and fudge layered onto a bed of fresh tart cherries create a mesmerizing deep ruby red concoction. The full-bodied, velvety smooth Berliner Weisse base is a canvas for the interplay of cherry, chocolate, and fudge, reminiscent of classic ice cream indulgence.


Pairing Cherry Garsour with a rich chocolate lava cake enhances the beer's chocolate and cherry notes. The beer's velvety smoothness complements the gooey texture of the cake, creating a dessert experience that is both decadent and harmonious. This pairing is a celebration of indulgence, where each sip and bite elevate the other to new heights.


Blue Monkey's Chocolate Orange Guerrilla, a Chocolate Orange Stout at 4.9%, presents a rich, malty complexity. This stout, as dark as midnight, smoothly unfolds with a subtle interplay of chocolate and orange notes. The fusion of these flavours creates a harmonious experience, with the dark malt backbone providing a canvas for the indulgent chocolate, while the orange adds a zesty twist. The beer's suitability for both vegetarians and vegans broadens its appeal, making it a decadent treat for stout enthusiasts across the spectrum.


Pairing this stout with a dark chocolate orange mousse enhances the beer's chocolate and citrus elements. The creamy texture of the mousse complements the smoothness of the stout, creating a dessert experience that mirrors the beer's delightful complexity.


Round Corner's Underwater Song, an 8.2% Baltic Porter, is a love letter to malty goodness. Fermented with lager yeast and cold-lagered for smoothness, this beer is a profusion of aromatic coffee, molasses, raisin, and caramel flavours from twelve different malts. The addition of Challenger and East Kent Goldings hops brings balance and bitterness to this stunningly complex yet drinkable Baltic Porter.


Pairing Underwater Song with a slow-cooked beef stew enhances the beer's malt complexity. The hearty stew's rich flavours complement the beer's coffee and caramel notes, while the robust Baltic Porter stands up to the dish's boldness. This pairing transforms a comforting stew into a culinary journey of depth and character.

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